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  • Recycled cotton sustainable beach towel. Lightweight, fast dry, no sand.

    Made in Greece.



    Dimensions 1.60m x 90cm.


    Packaging choices.

    You have two choices, with an extra charge of 3 euros.


    Pistachio with Pouch | Our famous white pouch, with our logo on it.

    It is sewn by , and it's made of sustainably grown, preshrunk, greek cotton, with a handmade print on it and eco-friendly dyes. Dimensions 30cm x 40cm.

  is a social fashion factory that integrates unemployed, refugees, and human trafficking survivors back into society.


    Pistachio with tote bag

    Ethically made in Greece, by the designer herself! The blue fabric is salvaged cotton poplin, from an abandoned container box, full of exquisite fabrics. The colorful handles are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. Dimensions 30cm x 40cm.


    1 euro goes to the good cause of your choice. Fill it in the comments section during checkout.


    Shipping worldwide. For more than 5 beach towels, please, contact us.



    1. Bank transfer to Eurobank Greece:

    IBAN: GR4902600730000180201335336

    Beneficiary: Kyriaki Koulizou


    2. PAYPAL


    3. IRIS payments:



    4. With your debit/ credit card, during check out.


    Thank you for your love and Kala mikrovoutiaaa!!!

    Surfing Shark Pistachio Sustainable Beach Towel

    31,00 € Κανονική τιμή
    22,00 €Τιμή Έκπτωσης

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